Places to meet for sex

The Best Places to Meet For Sex

If meeting for sex at your place is a no-go, there are plenty of other places where you can get it on.

In this guide, we will explore the best places to meet for sex.


Hotels are the safest places to meet for sex. They have CCTV and you can let people know where you are going and how to contact you.

The only thing to bear in mind with hotels is someone will have to check-in and check out, so you can’t just leave without letting them know.

Meeting at a hotel will also give you the opportunity to have a drink together and get in the mood. Most hotels have bars and all offer room service.


A bed and breakfast is a good option if you plan on sleeping together for the night.

B&Bs are also a good option in small towns and villages that don’t have any big hotels.

They are also more affordable than hotels, with lower room rates.

The only thing to bear in mind with B&Bs is you will be expected to spend the night. If you both head off before the night ends, you’ll have to make an excuse to check out early.

At the other person’s place

Meeting for sex at the other person’s place is a good option so long as they are comfortable with it.

If you are uncomfortable with sharing where you live and you want to keep your sex life private, then meeting at your place will be a no go. So, why not meet at theirs?

Chances are, you will never meet the person again. So the other person probably won’t mind.

Something to keep in mind is men are more willing to meet at their place than women. This is a matter of feeling safe and keeping a sex life private.

Sex in public places

Having sex in a public place is illegal, so we cannot possibly condone it.

However, plenty of people have sex in parks, on the beach and in cars.

You’d be surprised at the creativity people have (two people I know had sex in a garden centre).

If you do have sex in a public place, make sure you can be private about it. The last thing you want to do is get caught, or worse, arrested.


We recommend hotels and B&Bs for meeting for casual sex. They are safe and you can share where you are with other people.

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