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5 Tips to Overcome Shyness When You Meet For Sex

Being shy is a problem when it comes to sex. Especially when you meet for sex for the first time, shyness can lead to unfulfilling sex.

But you have to keep in mind that you have met through a sex dating site and there’s nothing more to the interaction except for sex. 

In this post, we’ll take a look at how you can overcome shyness when you meet for sex. It’s not as hard as it seems. Just bear with us and read it through. 


Flirting goes a long way, especially in sexual interactions. Let your mind speak without the fear of judgment. You’re not going to meet the person ever again.

So, why keep your thoughts inside? Let it flow and complement the other person. They will appreciate it and it will work as an icebreaker as well. 

Start flirting when you first match with your partner. Let them know what you want. Suggest your desires. It will be fruitful in the long run as you’ll get more comfortable. 

Be Giving 

Sex is always a “give and take” activity. But the partner who is willing to give more is more satisfied. You have to be generous in the bedroom. Show up with a giving mentality.

When your partner receives from you, he or she automatically return the favour. The give and take will open you up and you’ll eventually overcome the shyness. 

Dress Properly 

Wearing your confidence is not just a phrase in this case. Good and appropriate clothing automatically uplifts our confidence. So, when you meet for sex, make sure you are wearing some nice clothes. The extra confidence will help you overcome shyness. 

Your clothing can suggest a lot to the other person as well. So, be careful when you choose your attire. If you want to communicate anything without saying it verbally, clothing could be the way to go. 

Setting the Mood 

Even if you meet only for sex through a sex dating site, setting the mood is very important. You can’t expect to dive into sex right away with someone you just met. So, talking about each other beforehand is important. 

Flirting and dirty talking is a great way to get comfortable. Notice how they respond and tailor your actions accordingly.

Different people need different kinds of conversations to get comfortable. Try to understand your partner and communicate your views. No one’s going to judge you. 

Have Some Face Time Beforehand?

No matter how much you text, send emails, or instant messages, there is nothing more charming than some face to face interaction.

Face to face interaction allows you to watch the other person’s expressions and you can understand them better. Understanding is the key to overcome shyness when you meet for sex through a sex dating site. 

So, before you show up for the real sex, have some face with the person you matched with. Talk about your preferences.

Allow them to share their preferences with you. The more you know about each other’s sexuality, the better it is for you and your shyness. 

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