Meeting for sex with someone shy

Meeting For Sex With Someone Shy? Take The Lead!

Having sex with a complete stranger might feel a little awkward, but, as the world has become more liberal, casual sex has become more normal and accepted.

Sex dating sites like ours provide the platform for people like you who wants sex, but nothing else.

It’s always a good idea to speak your mind with the person you are going to meet for sex with.

We’re not saying share your life goals and history, but sharing what both of you like and don’t like will help you achieve much better sex than if you don’t.

Which brings us to today’s topic. What do you do if the person you are going to have sex with is very shy?

Well, you’ll have to take the initiative. It might be his or her first time. You don’t have to know the reasons behind their shyness. Rather, you have to take the lead!

Take the Lead

If the person you’re going to town with is shy, it’s up to you to take the first initiative. But don’t misunderstand our point. Don’t be pushy or never force yourself onto someone. You might be called a creeper for that.

Rather, you have to take a gentler approach towards it. Being shy before sex is a completely normal thing.

Take it easy and take the conversation forward. There is no better way to get to someone than talking.

When the two of you first meet up for sex, talk about anything for a bit. Don’t jump straight into the act.

Take your time. Talk the person out of their shyness. Start with normal stuff. Talk about your day. Talk about sports if you see fit.

Start Flirting

Gradually, start flirting. Flirting is a surefire way to make someone comfortable. Keep flirting for some time. Let them know how beautiful or handsome they are.

If you know for a fact that it’s their first time, share your previous experience with them. Let them know that it’s not that bad.

These gestures will allow them to trust you a little more. And people are shy with someone they trust.

It’s not like trusting you for life, it’s a glimpse of trust for the time being. And that’s all you want.

As your conversations progress, ask their permission to touch their hand.

Always seek consent

Remember, consent is always important. No matter what the situation is. Touch their hand. Gently. Tease them.

Look for how they respond. If you play your cards right, they should respond exactly as you want them to.

At this point, we’re pretty sure that the shyness is almost gone. But don’t rush things. Take things slowly. Talk things through. Talk dirty.

With time, he or she will join you. If not, they will at least let you know how they feel.

Congratulations! You’ve taken the lead and you’ve become successful. Now enjoy your time with the person and have amazing sex.

When you meet up for sex with someone who is shy, it’s a challenge. But overcoming the challenge is what makes the sex more pleasurable.

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