How to meet for sex safely

4 Golden Rules to Have Fun When You Meet for Sex

How would you feel if you could meet someone just for sex?

No relationships, no commitments, no strings attached at all. Just pure joy and fun for a night. Or a day, it doesn’t matter.

Meeting someone for sex is very exciting and thrilling. But it comes with risk as well.

In this article, we’ll focus solely on the preparation of meeting someone for sex. You don’t have to get worked up because it’s the simple things that matter.

Remember, you’re meeting for sex only – there are no strings attached!

Note: We have also written a comprehensive guide to meeting up and having sex with a stranger safely. You can find more tips there :).

Don’t Use Your Real Identity

One of the rookie mistakes people make is that they share their true identity with someone they barely know. Don’t make this mistake. Use an alias. As you’re only going to meet for sex, there’s no need to get all clingy.

There are thousands of user names you can think of. Anything and everything will work when it comes to meeting for sex. So, make sure that you don’t use your real name.

Make Sure It’s Consensual

It’s always consensual, right? Wrong! It’s never a good idea to trust a stranger in their words. If you want to be absolutely safe about sex you’re going to have, keep proof that it’s consensual. Discuss your sexual preferences. Anything in particular that you’d like to do? Discuss.

When you meet for sex, there’s usually no baggage or emotions included. Which also means that the other person can blackmail you in the future. So, it’s advised that you keep proof of consent. It can be screenshots or phone recordings.

Meet Somewhere Discreet

Don’t let strangers in your house. It’s not a meet for sex rule, rather it’s a general rule. You don’t want a stranger to know where you live or who you live with. The information can later be used negatively against you.

So, if you’re meeting somebody for sex, meet on neutral ground, like a hotel. Hotels are sexy and you don’t have to worry about anything. But make sure that you register with e a different name at the hotel.

Don’t Share Too Much

Yeah, it’s important to talk about stuff before you jump into the sex. But keep your guard always up to make sure you don’t reveal any sensitive information. It’s a person you don’t know. You don’t have to meet with them after sex if you don’t want to. So, there’s no point in sharing your stories.

So, when you meet for sex with someone, use a separate phone number. Talk about mutual interests or hobbies. No need to get all personal. If you want to get personal with the person, that’s a different issue. But when it’s just sex, you should protect your personal life as much as possible.


When you meet up for sex with someone you don’t know, no one can protect you except for yourself. So, when you meet for sex with someone you like, follow these tips to ensure your safety:

  • Don’t Use Your Real Identity
  • Make Sure It’s Consensual
  • Meet Somewhere Discreet
  • Don’t Share Too Much

Oh, and have fun!

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