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How to Meet For Sex When You Are Inexperienced

You’ve made up your mind and are ready for a night of fun that ends with sex.

If you are new to this game then you have all the right to be nervous.

Thankfully, meeting for sex the first time can be enjoyable if you follow these tips.

Come prepared

Carrying a condom? You’re on the right track.

Despite what your mates tell you, saliva alone isn’t enough! Keeping things well-lubricated results in more pleasurable sex so, carry lube!

What if the condom breaks? Carry that morning-after pill to handle the situation. Keep things in a bag and come prepared for hookup sex.

It’s common to climax early when you’re inexperienced. Using a desensitizing spray or solution will help.

Make sure it’s right for you by checking with your doctor. Don’t try internet remedies! If you have erectile dysfunction, then carry pills for it.

Learn about sex

You should read up on sex and how it works. No, seriously. You should know what you’re doing and how to do it right.

Prepare yourself with knowledge on how to please a woman or man, the techniques to achieve orgasms and how to stay longer when you meet for sex.

Non-verbal confirmation

Learn to read body language and pick up on hints.

If what you’re doing is getting your date excited with noises and body movement then you are doing the right thing.

Flow with the mood and if ever in doubt, ask instead of assuming for the perfect first hookup sex.

Don’t be yourself

Don’t hold back on your sex fantasies.

It’s okay to try out different positions, places and styles but don’t bring ropes and restraints on the first date.

Try oral but not anal. Trying something unconventional can get awkward or painful leading to a disappointing experience.

Get consent

When you talk about your plans, suggest what you want to try and wait for their reaction.

Ask if your partner is comfortable with your plans and always speak up when you are not okay with doing something.

Don’t shame your partner and don’t be ashamed for not wanting to try something. Always ask for consent before having sex.

Choose the right person

Remember you are meeting for sex so make sure you absolutely don’t see a future with this person.

Being attracted to your date is a must but having feelings is not. After interacting, if you develop feelings then talk it out before things become regretful.

Manage expectations

Do you or your date want something more? Then don’t do it! Set boundaries on bonding and intimacy if you don’t want to get attached. Remember to keep attachment out of the equation because this is not a lasting relationship.

Be a good person

Don’t think anything less about your date just because you are having hookup sex.

Don’t be rude or ask them to leave as soon as sex is done.

If you are hosting, clean up your place and have towels and pillows ready. If they have to, then let them stay overnight, give them food and be nice.

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