common sexual fetishes

6 of the Most Common Sexual Fetishes

A sex dating site is amazing if you want to meet for sex. Sex is a basic human need and everyone should have access to it. That’s why we’ve created the platform for you to have sex with no strings attached. 

What could be a better opportunity than random sex to let your inner fetishes come out?

In this post, we’ll look at 6 of the most common sexual fetishes that people have. Let’s get started. 

Impact Play

Impact play is exactly what it sounds like. You impact your partner. It can be spanking, it can be paddling, it can be flogging. Whatever it is, make sure it’s consensual. Spanking is a great way to start and make your way up the ladder. 

As good as it might feel, it’s always necessary to set boundaries beforehand. The other person might not meet you ever again, but you don’t want to accidentally injure them while you have the best time of your life.

Talk beforehand and set a boundary. Assure them that they can stop anytime they want. 


Role-playing is one of the most common fetishes around the world. While it might seem childish to a lot of you, it’s a source of great pleasure for a lot of people. If you’re one of them, meaningless sex is the best opportunity. 

Role-playing simply means that both of you are going to play a role. It can be anything. Let your fantasies come out and communicate them with your partner.

A sexy nurse, teacher, or something even more taboo. Make sure you talk beforehand and agree on some sexy and sensual roles. 

Foot Fetish 

Foot fetish is another universal kink. A lot of you out there like to worship, massage, or kiss your partner’s foot because it turns you on.

There’s nothing wrong with it. Just make sure that you let your partner know about your wishes and they are okay with it. 


What’s better than sexy lingerie? The fetish of lingerie is another very common aspect when it comes to sex. You might have it without even realizing it.

The anticipation of what your partner is wearing beneath their clothing can be so intimidating. Stockings, pantyhose, bikini, etc. are some common forms of lingerie fetish. Let your partner know what you like and ask them if they’re okay with wearing it. 

Sensation Play 

The range of sensation play in sex is very wide. It can be anything from a sensory deprivation experience to temperature play. You need to know yourself pretty well to get the full pleasure out of sensation play.

From tickling to blindfolding your partner or dragging an ice cube over their body, everything comes under the roof of sensation play. 


Voyeurism has a different dynamic when it comes to fetishes. It’s the act of enjoying sexual pleasures by watching someone naked or having sex. It’s different because you are not the one engaging in the activity.

Make sure you have the consent to watch someone have sex. Or, if you’re more comfortable with watching your partner naked, communicate it as well. 

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