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Should You Use an Alias When You Meet Up for Sex?

We’ve said it countless times, sex is a basic human need. Not all of us want to have an intimate relationship with someone for sex.

Sex should be more accessible and that’s where sex dating sites come in.

In this post, we’ll share some insights on what to do if you want to keep your identity safe and secret when you meet for sex.

If you’re a woman, it might be especially helpful for you as women are more vulnerable to stalkers and other invaders of privacy.

Keeping safe

When you think about keeping your identity a secret, what comes to your mind first?

The easiest and most effective way of hiding your persona is to use an alias.

You’re probably not going to meet up again after you have sex. So, it doesn’t even matter whether he knows your name or not.

Not only name, but you also should not disclose any personal information about yourself that can be used to identify yourself in the future.

Stalking is a global phenomenon and it can happen to anyone, especially to women. So, it’s always good to stay on the safe side when you meet up for sex.

How to use an alias

Using an alias starts with a profile. You’re using a different name that doesn’t mean that your profile should look like a fake one.

Fill up all the information required, just don’t use the actual information. Also, make sure that you are not accidentally using someone else’s information.

Use your own photo. Using someone else’s photo won’t get you anywhere in terms of sex because you have to face your partner at some point.

So, use your own photo but use a different name, a different address, and any personal information that might help the other party to identify you.

If you’re concerned about your safety and privacy, we respect your boundaries.

Whether you want to disclose your information or not completely depends on you.

If you don’t want the other person to find you on social media or stalk your home, using an alias is a good idea.


We’re concerned about your privacy and we respect your decision, at the same time we believe in open communication.

As this is a platform for anyone to meet up for sex, there’s no judgment or strings attached.

But open communication will help you have a great time while the two of you are together.

Talk the person about your decision. Again, it’s completely your choice whether you want him or her to know that you’re using an alias or not.

We’re just promoting open communication as it helps to mitigate any problems that might arise during the sex.

Using an alias will save you from a lot of stress and worries in the aftermath of the sex.

You don’t have to think about whether the person is looking for you or your friends knowing about what you did.

An alias creates a solid wall between you and the person you had sex with so there’s no way they can come into your life.

So, you should definitely use an alias when you meet someone for sex if you find it necessary.

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