Sex hookup etiquette tips

Sex Hookup Etiquette Tips for Beginners

Sex hookups are one of the most fun activities.

You get to enjoy the company of someone you’ve never met before and probably won’t meet again as well.

Sex hookups are possible thanks to online sex dating sites.

But there are some basic manners and etiquettes you should be aware of while having sex with someone for the first time and probably for the last time.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the basic etiquettes that you should follow during your sex hookup.

Have Some Manners

We’re all gentlemen here. Or women. Just because you’re not going to meet someone ever again doesn’t give us the right to treat someone poorly.

If you’re just meeting for casual sex, don’t forget to treat the other person well.

Asking how they are feeling or how their day was is all that it takes. You don’t have to get all intimate and personal. Show compassion when you meet for sex to get the most out of it.

Ask Before You Do

You might like something very unusual in bed. What do you do? Do you jump right into the act? No! Never! You ask for permission first. It’s a basic sex hookup etiquette a lot of people miss. Don’t just assume that they like something. Ask verbally!

Asking questions frequently will allow you to explore even more and have more fun in general. You’ll get to understand each other’s body in the process which will unlock new dimensions of pleasure.

Use Protection, Always!

Using protection and making the other person feel safe is one of the best things you can do to show appreciation. A little goes a long way in terms of a sex hookup. While condoms are the most common ways to have protected sex, it’s not going to protect you against everything.

To make sure that you’re both safe, you need to ask questions. But in a compassionate way. Like ‘how often do you use protection?’ or ‘when was the last time you got checked’. Remember, safe sex is the best sex.

Don’t Kick Them Out

You might be having a one-night stand, but you just can’t kick someone out of your home in the middle of the night. Have some decency. Let them sleep till morning. Have breakfast together or make them a cup of coffee. Say a gentle goodbye and don’t ask for their number if you don’t intend to call them.

Honesty is Always the Best Policy

No matter what you do or say, be honest. And being honest starts with being honest with yourself. Don’t just say things to get someone to bed. Make your intentions clear about the sex hookup and make sure that the other party understands them as well.

Don’t Ask Personal Questions

At the end of the day, two people are having sex. So, no need to get hung up on the other person’s inner self or anything. Just focus on the moment and have fun. Don’t ask personal questions that might offend them or make them feel uncomfortable.


Sex hookups are always fun when you do it right. There is a line that you shouldn’t cross while having casual sex. Remember the aforementioned points and have an amazing sex hookup.

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